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Building Permits On The Rise In Huntsville

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - City permits and inspections have risen dramatically in the last six months for the city of Huntsville.

When a new house pops up, an inspection takes place.  Actually, several inspections take place - around a dozen before a building gets a permit.

Whenever there's a new building in Huntsville, it has to go through the inspection department.  They've got their hands and their eyes on the pulse of Huntsville construction.

So they're very in tune with the boom Huntsville's seen in just the last six months.

Inspector Skip Stinson tells us he's seen a huge boom recently, specifically in new homes.

New houses help a local economy quite a bit, because they often bring in new residents and new dollars.

But they also require supplies and labor, often provided locally.

Stinson knows exactly how sharp the rise has been, because it's jumped his workload quite a bit too.

Six months ago, his department inspected 67 new residences.  In March 2013, they took on 100.

It's all reason for cautious optimism - that we may have a framework for a real recovery.

Though it's always best to be careful inspecting anything - be it a house or economic data.

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