WHNT NEWS 19 Gets Handicapped Woman A Designated Parking Space Outside Her Apartment

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - WHNT NEWS 19 got results for a woman who wanted a handicapped parking space outside her apartment. Earline Morris has a bad knee. Property managers knew it, but ignored her request for a designated spot since May of last year. Morris emailed WHNT NEWS 19 asking for his help in February. She is smiling a lot more now.

Morris called WHNT NEWS 19 last week saying the property manager gave her what she wanted after WHNT NEWS 19 confronted the manager. Morris no longer has to beg and plead with someone to get an easier walk to her apartment door. WHNT NEWS 19 went back to visit Morris. She knows what 'Fighting for You' means.

WHNT NEWS 19 could easily see Morris' source of happiness. We asked Morris how she felt about the sign.

"I feel good about it. I finally got me a parking space, a designated one, so I don`t have to worry about coming in to park anywhere else at night or when it is pouring down raining," said Morris.

Morris told WHNT NEWS 19 in a February 'Fighting for You' report she asked her property manager to add handicapped parking to the property on Bonnell Drive.

"She said she was going to help out, then said she was tired of the issue and tired of me taking her through this because I was calling her non-stop when people had my parking space," added Morris.

Morris felt the best chance she had getting the handicapped parking space was getting WHNT NEWS 19 to help. WHNT NEWS 19 went face-to-face with the property manager.

"She hasn't said anything to me about a handicapped space. The owners, she asked, but they said they could not do one," said the property manager.

"The owners told you that? Who's the owner," asked WHNT NEWS 19.

The property manager replied, "Yes they did. No I am not going to tell you who the owner is."

WHNT NEWS19 made it clear they would be able to find who the name of the owner.

WHNT NEWS 19's February report revealed the property without handicapped parking was compliant. The apartments were built in 1984. The Americans with Disabilities Act was adopted six years later.

Morris watched the February story.

"A lot of people asked me later on, Earline, did you get, did you get? A couple of people asked me what do I need to do? I told them to call you," said Morris.

Property owners eventually had a change of heart in March.

"I am thankful for you because it worked out with me calling you. I now know WHNT NEWS 19 is something great, so thank you," Morris said.

It's worth noting, WHNT NEWS 19 called the property owners on phone numbers listed for them in California. They did not return any of the calls. The owners also did not call the station to say, " Hey, We made Earline Morris happy!"