Graham Murder Trial Continues in Franklin

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RUSSELLVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - The murder trial continues for a Red Bay man accused of shooting a man during an argument outside a home in Franklin County.

David Andrasik was shot and killed outside Hershel Graham's home in November 2011.

Prosecutors rested their case today, giving the defense an opportunity to present their self-defense claims.

During the fourth day of Hershel Graham's trial, two very different stories emerged between the state and defense.

Thursday morning defense attorneys called Cassidy Borden, the girlfriend of Hershel Graham's son, Elijah Graham.

During her testimony, Borden stated Andrasik approached her vehicle while she sat with Elijah outside the home.

Borden testified Andrasik was mad about dogs on a road always running in front of his vehicle.

After pulling the car away from the Graham's house, David Andrasik walked away.

But Borden says he came back when they returned.

According to Borden, Hershel Graham came outside to find out what was going on.

Then Borden says, Andrasik shoved Hershel Graham several times before Graham pulled out a gun.

Borden claims after one last shove, Graham shot Andrasik while falling backwards.

Defense attorneys say Graham asked Andrasik to repeatedly leave the property before the shooting took place.

Testimony is expected to continue Friday morning.