Big Brothers Big Sisters: Providing Mentors that Matter

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MORGAN COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) - The benefit of a role model… for children at West Morgan Elementary School, they have the chance to have a Big Brother or Big Sister from those who know the ropes.  The "bigs" come from the High School.

Blake New is a Big Brother through West Morgan Elementary.

“I started out as a little brother when I was younger so as I got older I felt I needed to give more to the community, I felt I needed to help somebody the way I was helped,” Blake said.

Blake is a senior now, but knows firsthand the importance of a solid role model.

“I was kinda like a troubled kid, my real dad wasn’t around a whole lot so my mom signed me up for it to kinda give me a role model and I had a real good time when I was younger and I had had a good positive male role model, it kinda led me to do what I do today,” Blake said.

Addie Thomison is the Mentor Program Coordinator.

“We think it’s a very good thing for the high school students as well as elementary students," said Thomison. "A lot of times elementary students will open up to the high school students because they think it’s real cool high school students are taking the time out.”

Blake says he gets as much out of it as he puts in.

“It really does give you a perspective as far as like you can, you can see that you can help people and you can make a difference and does help you try your best in everything you do," Blake said.

The big brothers and big sisters visit with the elementary school 'little’s' once a week.  They play games, make crafts, tutor and do other activities that help them build relationships.