Madison YMCA Fires Accused Animal Abuser

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MADISON, Ala. (WHNT) - An accused animal abuser was hired and subsequently fired from a local YMCA after details about his criminal past slipped through the cracks.

Christian Todd Slaton, 20, is charged with four counts of animal abuse for allegedly dismembering stray cats and displaying their body parts around the University of Montevallo campus.

The question is, how could he be hired by an organization that works with young children daily?

"We do an extensive background check on all employees, future employees, possible employees, candidates for employment," said Scott Mounts, CEO and President of the Heart of the Valley YMCA.  "We also do an extensive background check on all of our program volunteers."

When hiring Christian Slaton, the YMCA followed all protocol of nationwide LexisNexis background reports which include registered sex offender status. However, Slaton’s charges are bound to be transferred to a grand jury and were not revealed by even a sophisticated check.

"Things like that don't post on a criminal background check until there is some sort of adjudication of the case so we didn't know anything about this individual until someone brought us a webpage from Google," said Mounts.  "They brought it to us on Tuesday of this week."

Mounts said by Wednesday, Slanton was no longer an employee of the Hogan Family YMCA.

"Within a 24-hour time period we turned it around and did what we needed to do," said Mounts.

Mounts said he is not at liberty to discuss which YMCA position Slaton was fired from, but reiterated the safety of children is the YMCA's top priority.