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Priceville Schools Get SRO, Patrol Car

PRICEVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - The Morgan County Town of Priceville is taking what it views as a necessary step in the name of school safety. Today, the town's mayor presented a check to the Morgan County Sheriff's Department to cover half the cost for a full-time School Resource Officer.

This will be Priceville's first SRO. Morgan County only has two School Resource Officers. They both have split duties. The Town of Priceville wanted an officer for their schools and they stepped up to make it happen.

The check was made out for almost $12 thousand dollars to cover half the cost of putting a full-time deputy at Priceville High School. The sheriff's office was also presented with a patrol car for the SRO officer.

"The most important asset Priceville has is our schools. If we protect our schools, we protect ourt future. It's just been a pleasure to work with the sheriff."

"This is the first step, and it's a step of faith. It's something the mayor and the city council here has jumped on board and said we want to do this, it needs to be done and we're gonna do it. Let's not talk about it anymore, we're gonna get it done. And it was just as easy as that, seeing a need and acting on it," Sheriff Ana Franklin tells WHNT News 19.

Priceville's SRO is already on the job, he started in January. Now Sheriff Franklin says they'll go to work to expand the program to other schools.

Currently, Morgan County has two other SRO's, one each at Brewer and Danville High Schools. But they also have regular patrol duties. Sheriff Franklin says she hopes to eventually have an officer in each county school.

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