Preparing for the Social Media Symposium Championship

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT ) -- The Rocket City defeated Indianapolis and Cleveland on its way to the championship round of voting for the 2013 Social Medium Tourism Symposium.

The final online poll is Tuesday, as Huntsville goes up against Missoula, Montana, and the city that gets the most votes will get to host the annual conference later in the year.

Ad4! recorded videos Saturday of residents saying "Why I Love Huntsville" to be used as promotional material for the contest, which Cora Cloud, the Director of Social Media for Ad4!, said could bring about $180,000 in revenue to Huntsville should the city win.

"Huntsville has a great way of pulling off events like this and it will be successful and that's what huntsville does.  They come together," Cloud said.

Ad4! coordinated the film shoot by spreading the word on Facebook, a social media hub.

"It just proves how connected we are as a city through social media which is exactly what this is doing.  We pulled this off in 24 hours," Craig Shamwell said.

Huntsville mayor Tommy Battle participated, and Shamwell said he hopes people who were involved in Indianapolis and Cleveland will see the passion of the Huntsvillians.

"Hopefully people who will have voted for their cities and maybe didn't make it might see this and realize, wow, Huntsville is a cool town and not only am I going to vote for them, but maybe I'll come and visit," he said.

Voting is Tuesday, April 2, from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.