Civilian Workers ‘Dedicated To Warfighter Support’ As They Await Details Of Furloughs

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(WHNT) - The Department of Defense announced this week that furloughs - a result of the across the board budget cuts - would be reduced from 22 days to 14.

That's heartening news for the Tennessee Valley's men and women who work on Redstone Arsenal, and the some 800,000 civilian workers nationwide who have been preparing for near-20 percent pay cuts.

"Obviously that is less of a financial burden in terms of the potential impact that would affect the workforce,' said Dan O'Boyle, a spokesman for Redstone Arsenal.

However, despite the reduction, the Department of Defense employees aren't out of the woods yet.

"Right now like the rest of the country we're watching the news waiting to see what will happen," said O'Boyle.

O'Boyle says while they wait, they have set anxiety aside because there's work to do.

"There are again folks, soldiers, warfighters all over the world who look to Redstone Arsenal to get what they need where they need it when they need it," said O'Boyle. "The Aviation Missile Command has 4,000 members in its workforce, and those 4,000 members are dedicated to that warfighter support."

The Department of Defense has delayed furlough notices until they have had a chance to further analyze the continuing resolution that funds the government through September. They expect notices will go out around April 5th.