Update on Memorial Parkway Wrong-way Crash

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - Last night around 8:30 pm Huntsville Police and Fire and Rescue responded to a traffic accident with priority one injuries at Memorial Parkway on top of the Sparkman overpass.

HPD investigation showed evidence that supports the vehicle that caused the wreck was travelling the wrong way-- north in the southbound lane of Memorial Parkway. The investigation showed that the vehicle going the wrong way was a 2001 Chevy S-10 Pickup driven by James Caffery.

The Chevy S-10 first struck a Gray 2005 Volkswagon Passat driven by Matthew Luke, then the Passat stuck a barrier.  Mr. Luke sustained minor injuries and took himself to the hospital.

The Chevy S-10 continued and hit a white Mazda RX-7 driven by Cedric Vickers. The Chevy S-10 went over the Mazda's hood, landing with its bed and rear wheels over the side of the bridge.

Mr. Caffery and Mr. Vickers were taken by HEMSI to Huntsville Hospital in priority one condition. Later, both were dropped to priority two by medical personnel. Huntsville Fire Department did have to extricate Mr. Vickers from the Mazda vehicle.

Mr. Caffery had blood drawn and we are waiting on the toxicology results.  No one has been arrested at this time. Investigators declined to be interviewed about this accident.

Tune in to WHNT News 19 tonight at 5 for more coverage on this wreck.

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