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Click Picks: A Bedtime Bandit Caught on Camera


Parents set up a surveillance camera to figure out who was breaking into their daughter’s bedroom and stealing her stuff.  You can watch the evidence they collected and posted to YouTube here:

The poster of the video, Joann Moser, writes, ‘This is what our 2 year old does at night. He picks the lock to his sister’s room and takes her stuff…We caught it on video.’

The video features captioning that takes you through each step of the toddler’s masterful plan.  From the beginning–when he uses nail clippers to pick the lock–to the end–when he makes his getaway with a Pillow Pet–viewers get to see the boy’s resourcefulness and determination.

It’s presumed his sister never heard or saw a thing.  But now she knows how and where all her valuables have been going.  If only all of our criminals were this adorable!

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