Scottsboro Working Toward No Kill Animal Shelter

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SCOTTSBORO, Ala. (WHNT)--   There are only 90 no kill animal shelters in America.   That makes them rare, but it hasn't stopped a group in Scottsboro from working toward bring one to their city.

Several people, including Melissa Utech with the Safe Haven animal shelter, are helping to move Scottsboro in the direction of a no kill shelter.   Mayor Melton Potter says he's committed to moving the city toward no kill status, but it won't be easy.

"That's not something that's done very easily or something you decide to do one day," the mayor says.  "It's a process to get there.  So the first step is to get the notice out there."

WHNT News 19's Beth Jett, who is a Scottsboro native, is helping with the project. She helped bring in an expert from Minnesota who has helped establish other no kill shelters.

Mayor Potter says he would like to get a full time employee at the city's shelter.  They would help with the day to day operations, but also would work to get unwanted pets to owners who do want them.

"The main thing would be to get animals on the internet to get the publicity out there that we have these certain type of animals out there to get them adopted," Potter says.

More information about plans for a no kill shelter can be found at the Safe Haven Animal Rescue's website.