Pay It Forward To Kathy Williams

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NEW MARKET, Ala. (WHNT) - This week's Pay It Forward features Kathy Williams, the president of the New Market Recreation Center. Vandals did a tremendous amount of damage to the center a little over a week ago.

"That's heartbreaking for somebody to do that to our children's center, you know, that's somewhere where the kids go to play, to have fun,  you know to keep them out of trouble also, but also teaches them character and teamwork and that sort of thing," said Anna Berry

Anna, among a host of other folks, nominated Kathy for Pay It Forward because of her tireless volunteer work at the center under normal conditions and,in particular, since the break-in.

Or as Anna puts it, "her and her daughter do most of the volunteer work up there, they help organize everything, they put their blood, sweat and tears into this place."

Kathy has been working her regular job and then working at the Rec Center every afternoon and night to get things back to normal.

Kathy says it's a monumental task because "they broke out the window, they sprayed all the fire extenguishers all over the floors, took about 30 flourescent light bulbs, smashed them all over the gym floor,  pulled out all the food in the refrigerator and slammed it in the floor and poured clorox all over the floors, all over the food, al over the counters, even our copier in the office, it just melted it."

Kathy says the Pay It Forward money will help buy a new copier and replace some of the light bulbs and utensils.

She is adamant everything will be ready for the opening of kids baseball season April 6th at the Rec Center, or in her words, "we have a lot of good people in New Market, so it's not just me, it's just me and a bunch of good people."

Do you know someone like Kathy, someone who goes well beyond the ordinary to help others? Let us know by nominating them for Pay It Forward

that's when anna presented the check

(22:43:43;16)-anna-congratulations ms.kathy, you've been nominated for pay it forward....(kathy-oh you....thank you,thank you-(22:43:53;21)

and that's when i told kathy about the number of nominations she had

(22:44:18;22)-kathy-i appreciate it, but i don't do it alone, i have a board and a family, a family that has...that's always here with me-(22:44:28;06)

and the money

(22:44:43;05)-kathy-this will help replace our copier, that's for sure and help put back some stuff-(22:44:50;11)

(22:45:05:28)-robert-are we going to able to get everything ready for the kids for baseball (kathy) yes, yes we are, we have two weeks and we will be here opening day-(22:45:13;07)

sounds like you are pretty determined


a bunch of good people pulling together to rebuild what meaness tore down.
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