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Four Arrests In Madison Nail Salon Brawl

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MADISON, Ala.(WHNT)-Police arrested four people after a full-scale brawl erupted at a Madison nail salon Monday afternoon.

Eyewitnesses told WHNT News 19 that several people ended up in the middle of the melee, which happened in broad daylight in front of stunned onlookers. Madison police said the brawl started shortly after 1:30 p.m. Monday at A&T Nails on Highway 72.

Investigators said 23-year-old Senequa Ricks showed up at the salon to confront a female employee over a man who police identified as a “mutual love interest.” The two women started exchanging blows.  They say friends and family members of both participants joining the fight just seconds later.

Witnesses said  the brawl spilled outside the nail salon and over to a neighboring pizza shop before combatants made their way back to the salon. Police said Ricks and three of her family members were arrested.  No major injuries or damage were reported.

“I had someone thrown up against the window, people wrestling out on the asphalt, it was pretty crazy,” said Kyle Hernandez, who manages the Marco’s pizza store near the salon. “There were at least a dozen people that were just piled on top of each other. They were kicking, punching, dragging each other around. It was very violent.”

Investigators also charged 43-year-old Roy Lee Fletcher with resisting arrest and public drunkenness. 20-year-old Seneta Ricks and 43-year-old Beverly Ricks were charged with resisting arrest. Police spokesman Sgt. Drew Westrope said officers ended up using a taser on Senequa Ricks.  They say she could face further charges.

“Apparently there was a dispute, it started with some postings on Facebook, possibly in reference to a male,” said Westrope. “They [family members] were asked to leave several times, were instructed to go. They continued to be disorderly and they ended up getting arrested as well.”