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City of Florence Matches Funds For County Projects

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FLORENCE, Ala. (WHNT) - Facing the possibility of being cut out of state road monies, the city of Florence has stepped up to pay matching monies the county would normally have coming out of their own pockets.

Several months ago, the Alabama Governor’s office set forth a plan to help counties and cities replace bridges and repair roads, it’s called ATRIP.

Under the plan, local governments would shell out twenty-percent of the total cost of the project as a match.

Then a new plan was set out called RAMP, giving lower income counties a chance for state road money without a match.

A deal that looked pretty good for Lauderdale County said Florence Mayor Mickey Haddock, “They had somewhere around 30-bridges that have weight restrictions on them that school buses can’t cross, so the 5-million dollars looked pretty good to them with no match.”

Haddock said if a county opted for RAMP money, city governments were left high and dry and could not apply for ATRIP funds.

Florence’s solution to stay in contention for ATRIP money, pay Lauderdale County’s twenty-percent match for their projects.

“With us staying in ATRIP, the county has applied for $9-million in round three, and we’re going to apply for somewhere between $12 and $20-million in round three.”

And according to Haddock, the portion of money Florence is putting up for the county is still a sound investment.

Florence leaders say the counties 20-percent matches on projects will be paid for through the existing gasoline tax collections.

There is a 1-million dollar cap on county projects that the city of Florence will pay for.