Wounded Huntsville Marine Thanks Trace Adkins For His Music

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - It’s been six months since Marine Lance Corporal Kendall Bane was shot four times while serving in Afghanistan. Friday night, the Huntsville native got a chance to say thank you to a man who helped him get through some tough times while recovering.

A real American hero meets a real country music star. Before the American Freedom Foundation concert at the VBC Propst Arena, LCpl Bane got to spend a few minutes with Trace Adkins.

The country music artist walked up to Bane and greeted him by simply saying, “Hello marine. How are you?” Bane respectfully replied, “I'm doing well sir. Good to see you.” It was a meeting a country music artist and a marine will never forget. Even before a meet and greet with his fans, Adkins spent a few minutes with a young man and his family and thanked him for his service to our country.

While Bane was recovering in a hospital from his wounds, he saw a spot Adkins had done for the Wounded Warriors project. “Til The Last Shot's Fired" was playing in the background. Bane and his mother were both so moved by the song that he made a promise to himself, if he ever got the chance to meet Trace Adkins, he`d tell him how much it meant to him. He did and Adkins responded by saying, “Thank you. That means the world to me.” Bane told him, “Your music has been able to hit the nail on the head. I was in boot camp when Semper Fi came out.” That’s when Adkins looked at the young marine and told him, “I'm gonna do that for you tonight.” Not only did he dedicate the song to this young marine, he called him on stage to be recognized. It was a big night for this wounded warrior. “Yeah, more than I expected that's for sure,” Bane said.

Kendall Bane's dream to meet one of his heroes came true. But watching these two talk and listening to Trace Adkins ask this young marine what happened and how he's doing, you realize, this country music star really appreciates the service and often sacrifices our men and women who have and are serving now make to our country. It's hard to tell who's more patriotic. Bane says, “It's typical nowadays for a celebrity to get famous and hate on what America stands for and how we got to where we are and Trace is doing exactly the opposite.”

Two true patriots, sharing a moment and a conversation both will remember for a long time.