Memorial Honors Fallen Lauderdale County Firefighter

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LAUDERDALE COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) - Firefighters in Lauderdale County now have a place to honor one of their own, killed in the line of duty.

Beth Childers died during a house fire in July.

“It has been a huge loss, it has,” said Adam McCanless who serves as the president for the Lauderdale County Association of Volunteer Firefighters.

Beth Childers served on the Anderson Volunteer Fire Department for just about a year when a fire broke out in her own home.

“It was our grandson she was trying to save and she woulda done it for anybody,” said Childer’s husband, Scott Childers.

Moments after Childers passed the two-year-old out a window, the house collapsed trapping her inside.

Now, a memorial honors the woman who became the first firefighter in Lauderdale County to die in the line of duty.

“It is sad, but it gives me a sense of pride that she didn`t just pass away and everybody forgot about what she did,” said Childers.

The plaque lines the hallway in the Lauderdale County courthouse so others can pay their respect to the woman who gave her life, saving another.

“It`s an extreme honor that anybody and everybody can come by and see her and pay a little bit of respect for her,” said Childers.

As people pass by to honor the fallen service woman, McCanless says he hopes Childer's name is the first and last to be part of the memorial.

“Unfortunately there are other spaces available.  Hopefully we`ll never have to use those, she gave the ultimate sacrifice,” said McCanless.

The Lauderdale County Association of Volunteer Firefighters awarded Childers the posthumous honor for firefighter of the year in February, nearly six months after her death.