Judge Upholds Drunk Driving Conviction For Shoals Police Chief

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TUSCUMBIA, Ala. (WHNT) - Nearly a year after a Shoals police chief got convicted of drunk driving a judge rules on Tony Logan's appeal and upholds the verdict.

Logan was able to keep his job as the Tuscumbia police chief through the appeals process.

In a 58 page memo issued by the appellate court judge, the judge reviews evidence presented during the trial and also reasons why defense attorneys say this case should be thrown out.  However in the end, the judge upheld the guilty conviction for Tony Logan

According to Logan’s defense attorney, Tim Case, the appeal of Logan's sentence was based on critical errors made by the circuit court.

Lawyers cite mistakes made regarding several pre-trial motions and objections made during the trial.

Judge Gil Self sentenced Logan to a two year suspended sentence and a court ordered substance abuse program, plus revoked Logan's driver's license for three months.

According to Logan's attorney, even though the sentence has been upheld, Logan’s job is not immediately at jeopardy, because lawyers say a final resolution could take years.

Defense attorneys can now ask for this case to be reheard by the court of criminal appeals, or appeal this case to the State Supreme Court.

Tony Logan has been Tuscumbia police chief since 2008.