Creekside Students Raise Money For The American Heart Association

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LIMESTONE COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) - A local school is stepping up in a big way to help a great cause.  Well, to be exact, they're jumping.

Creekside Elementary students have raised nearly $15,000 so far this year for the American Heart Association.

"It's called 'Jump Up For Heart' or 'Hoops For Heart'," said Mary Margaret Mitchell, a teacher at Creekside.

Many schools pick one of those two programs but the ambitious students at Creekside decided to do both.

"We had different events throughout the month of February and it keeps the children going," said Mitchell. "It's part of their P.E. program. We teach the younger ones how to jump rope. We teach the older ones basketball skills and they put on a three-on-three tournament."

For some of the children who jumped, the effort hits close to home.

"My Dad had a heart attack," said Val Rainey.

That is big motivation for students to help the American Heart Association.

"The people I knew - I gave notes to them and they started telling other people," said Rainey.  "I raised $300 or $200 with that."

The students hope other schools will help them raise money as well.  To get involved with the American Heart Association, visit