Rogersville Police Chief Reacts After Accused Bank Robber Arrested

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LAUDERDALE COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) - After nearly four months on the run, Cedrick Lamond Hicks is now in the Lauderdale County Detention Center where investigators say he will stay until his first court appearance on state charges.

“I really didn`t think it would take this long as many as he was hitting,” said Rogersville Police Chief, Terry Holden.  “I felt like he would slip up and get caught.”

Police say Hicks could be connected to at least eight bank robberies but as FBI investigators question Hicks and detectives piece together more clues, police say that number may continue to climb.

Chief Holden says authorities in Arkansas and Tennessee have already contacted him, to investigate whether Hicks is responsible for unsolved bank robberies in those areas.

“It`s a good feeling you know my concern was he was going to rob one and someone was going to get hurt,” said Chief Holden.

This arrest isn't just a relief for law enforcement.  During the Regions Bank robbery in Rogersville, police say Hicks handed the teller a note and demanded cash.

“I talked to the teller personally when we got the call he had been captured and she was relieved and I`m sure they all are,” said Chief Holden.

Chief Holden credits the detective work by his investigators plus the countless hours put in by U.S. marshals and FBI agents to finally have Cedrick Hicks back in Lauderdale County, but this time, behind bars.

Authorities expect Hicks to be arraigned on robbery charges in Lauderdale County, either tomorrow or Monday.