Danger On A Huntsville Road

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - On Hobbs Island Road, just west of Memorial Parkway in Huntsville, there's a problem. The west bound lane has a stretch of about 50-yards where a divot, or low place has been patched.  The area is sunken, and for the unwary driver, it could actually cause their vehicle to swerve to the outside of the lane.

"Very dangerous, I mean you're within a couple of feet of death, literally," says David Bates, and he's exagerrating only a little. Right next to the road's surface there's a minimal shoulder, and then a rock covered bank goes steeply down for some 30-feet to a swampy area. "If you do happen to hydroplane or something occurs, and you're not paying attention, you're off in a ditch in a hurry," says David Bates.

He asked us to take action to try to get the patched area repaired, and even better, get the lane repaved. We took action on the same stretch of Hobbs Island Road back in 2010, and our efforts resulted in the east bound lane being repaved. David Bates wants the same thing for the west bound lane, and he wants something else too. "I'd love to se guard rails all the way through there. Guard rails would be wonderful," says Bates.

We are taking action and discussing both the repaving and the guard rails with the city. This stretch of road is definitely a no mistakes allowed, danger to drivers. As we all know, mistakes do happen, and wrecks on all of busy Hobbs Island road are common.