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Man Who Paid Alimony in Pennies Says He Has No Regrets 30 Years Later

DECATUR, Ala. (WHNT) — In February of 1982, WHNT News 19 did a story with Norman Guthrey of Hartselle.  He was at the Morgan County courthouse in Decatur paying his alimony in pennies – more than $1,000 in pennies.

We spoke to Guthrey Sunday by phone.   Thirty-one years later, he still lives in Hartselle.  He says the judge threw him in jail for six days for “making a mockery of the court.”

Guthrey sees it differently and says he was trying to make a point.  He says he was being treated unfairly by having to pay so much money in alimony.

Watch the original story we did with Guthrey.


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