Mayor Tommy Battle Hopes For Federal Budget Compromise, Representative Mo Brooks Says It Would Be Surprising

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - At a forum for leaders of Huntsville and Madison County, Huntsville Mayor Tommy Battle echoed sentiments he shared after his return from Washington DC.

He believes the federal government needs to get a budget together, "Businesses don't know what to look for in the future.  They don't know where government spending is going to be.  They don't know what programs are going to be funded at what aren't."

That's going to take cooperation in Congress though - and you can guess why that might not work out.

Representative Mo Brooks (R-5th) says, "I'm all for compromise so long as compromise means doing the right thing."

Unfortunately "the right thing" probably looks at least a little different to each member of Congress.

In the coming weeks, the House creates a budget, and the Senate creates budget.  Then they try to wrangle them into a single plan.

The optimism - it's not overwhelming.

Rep. Brooks says, "I'll be pleasantly surprised if the House budget is the same as the Senate budget somewhere in the process."

But back here in the Valley, Mayor Battle says, "If we have a budget at least we know the direction we're going in, whether it's a good budget for us or a bad budget for us on an indifferent budget.  Just give us a budget so our businesses can plan.  They're very adaptable.  Our commands out at the arsenal are very adaptable, and our businesses are very adaptable."

But the mayor may just have to keep hoping.