Madison Woman Hopes to Recruit Team Members During Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Week

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MADISON, Ala. (WHNT) -  Monday, March 11th, marks the beginning of  M.S. Awareness Week, designated to raise money and discussion about multiple sclerosis.

There's a Madison woman, with a powerful tie to the disease, who's trying to recruit people to walk with her in honor of her husband.

Christy Elzer plays everyday with her six month old daughter, Faith.  The baby girl will never know her father and will never see how he lived with multiple sclerosis.

"He never complained," Elzer recalls of her husband Norm.  "He never made it excused, he still worked as hard as he could."

She said, last year, at age 37, Norm died in a fatal car accident, driving a car he built, despite his M.S.
She said daily painful injections helped him cope with M.S. and keep moving.

"I really admired him for that," said Elzer.

At the time of her husband's death, Elzer was pregnant with Faith, the couple's second daughter.  She walked in the M.S. Walk of Huntsville that year to honor Norm and raise money for future M.S. patients.

"For research and for funding of programs," said Elzer.  "Medicine is ridiculously expensive.  To help people that can't afford their medications.   Helps people that can't work right now pay their bills."

Now, one year later, she's trying to recruit a team, called the Storman Normans, to join her on her second M.S. Walk.

And she admits she can't help wonder, "I just wonder what all he could have accomplished if he hadn't had M.S."

Elzer added the foundation that will benefit from the M.S. Walk fundraiser is working to invent less painful treatments to help ease the pain from M.S.

The M.S. Walk of Huntsville is set for Saturday, April 6th at the Huntsville Botanical Garden starting off at 9:30 in the morning.

Elzer, 35-years-old also is working to bring young widows together to help each other cope with grieving the loss of a spouse.  You can contact her group called "Journey for Hope - Loss of a Spouse before Age 45" by clicking HERE.