Huntsville Mayor Opposes Alabama Accountability Act, Madison Mayor Stays Neutral

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala (WHNT) - Blow for blow, volley for volley, the legislature goes round for round.

It's a heavyweight bout in the Alabama political ring as lawmakers spar over the future of public schools.

Last week, Huntsville Mayor Tommy Battle entered the fray with this letter, asking the governor not to sign the controversial Alabama Accountability Act.

Mayor Battle explains, "I asked the governor not to sign the bill because I was worried about the effects it has on public education, the effects it would have by taking money from public education and putting it into the private sector."

That vocal opposition doesn't extend into neighboring Madison though.

Madison Mayor Troy Trulock says, "I think it's up to our legislators.  My job as the mayor is to execute.  I'm the executive branch.  So whatever they come up with, we'll take care of from the city perspective."

But the execution of the policy in schools worries Battle most, "It takes away money from those schools that are at the very bottom.  Those are the schools we need to be grabbing and picking up.  We need to bring them up to a level where they are successful schools."

For now the fate of the bill rests with State Supreme Court, just another round in this legislative slugfest.