Seminar Sheds Light On Teen Violence, Causes, and Prevention

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Parents, educators and law enforcement officials gathered for a raw and uncensored "Why Teens Kill" seminar Saturday morning, that shined a light on teen violence.

Author and speaker Phil Chalmers travels the country, with the goal of teaching families and educators to identify the signs and prevent violence among America’s youth.

In the seminar, Chalmers draws attention to the violence depicted in today's culture, in movies, television shows, video games, and music.

"You can't really ban these things. It’s about educating the public. If people knew the signs and knew what to do we could stop these mass murders and school shootings."

Chalmers says the best prevention is family, but when life at home is a struggle, students often need other support systems.

School resource officers see the children in the very halls where they may be bullied, face heartache, or escape from a troubled home.

"You see somebody that’s smiling every day then all of a sudden they’re either dressed down, they’re crying, they want to sit alone and not engaging with their friends as they normally do. Usually it’s obvious signs, simply asking how you are doing today a lot of times they’ll open right up to us."

Chalmers says it is these lines of communication that will reduce violence, if parents and school leaders take the time to listen and care.

You can read more on the warning signs and causes of teen violence at Phil Chalmer's website.