Three Hurt In Wreck at Intersection of Highways 231 & 36

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LACEY’S SPRING, Ala. (WHNT) - A wreck at the new traffic light at the intersection of Highways 231 and 36 in Lacey’s Spring left four people injured late Wednesday afternoon.

According to police, three people were injured in the crash, including one who was critically hurt. A baby was in one of the cars but was not hurt.

Witnesses say a car ran the newly installed light, but the driver was coming at the intersection from Highway 36.

Earlier this week, WHNT News 19 sent a crew to learn more about the new light. Our camera caught four different cars running the red light in just a 20-minute period.

For years, people have been wanting a traffic light at the intersection.  There have been numerous traffic accidents at the location, some of them fatal. It is particularly dangerous in the afternoons when traffic starts pouring out of Huntsville.

(Photo by Carson Clark, WHNT News 19)

(Photo by Carson Clark, WHNT News 19)