Rainy Winter Means Less Snow at Alabama’s Only Ski Resort

MENTONE, Ala. (WHNT)--  Wednesday morning the sides of the roads on Lookout Mountain had some traces of snow that had fallen overnight.   It was just a dusting and certainly not enough to give a helping hand to the snow machines at the Cloudmont Ski Resort.

The resort, which opened in 1970, is Alabama's only ski resort.  The Jones family that operates the resort are usually good people to get a feel for how the current winter season has stacked up to past winters.   Gary Jones says this winter, rain has been the enemy more than warm temperatures.

"We get a lot of snow out there and in no time it washes it away," Jones says.  "We can't get any cold fronts fast enough to keep it going."

Jones says this year they've had 26 days of skiing.   That's a 100% percent improvement over last year when they just had 12.  He says the winters of 2010 and 2011 were probably the best in the resorts 43 year history.

"We had 80 days of skiing each," he says.  And the average base was 6 feet.  We had mounds 30 feet tall."

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