New TSA Regulations for Carry-On Items

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(WHNT) - Recently, the TSA formed a committee to review items on their prohibited list of carry-on items. After the review, they have decided to allow certain items that were once banned, including sports equipment and perhaps the most controversial item, small pocketknives.

Those items have been banned from American airports since the terror attacks of September 11th, 2001. Now, small knives with non-locking blades will be allowed as long as they are smaller than 2.36 inches and less than half an inch wide. Sports equipment such as hockey sticks, pool cues, and ski poles will also be allowed on-board.

TSA officials say these new regulations will allow their officers to focus more on finding more threatening items in security. These new rules will go into effect on April 25.

Box cutters, razor blades, and full size bats are still classified as prohibited items.

According to the TSA, the following sporting equipment is included in this change and can now be carried through airport security: billiard cues, ski poles, hockey sticks and lacrosse sticks golf clubs (limited to two).

Small novelty or toy bats, no longer than 24 inches and no heavier than 24 ounces, are included in the changes and can now be transported as part of carry-on luggage.

Full-size baseball, softball and cricket bats are prohibited items in carry-on luggage and must be placed in checked baggage.