House Democratic Caucus: Republicans Violated State Open Meetings Law

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News release issued by the Alabama House Democratic Caucus:

D-Thomasville, AL- House Democrat, Rep. Thomas Jackson, from Thomasville, Al said today that Republicans of the Alabama Legislature violated Alabama’s open meetings law by deceitfully holding a meeting behind closed doors during a bi-partisan conference committee meeting and rewrote the School Flex Bill that has already been passed by the State House and Senate.

Thomas Jackson (

Thomas Jackson

“They were suppose to meet to discuss changes to the School Flex Bill instead they left the meeting and conducted a private meeting then came back with a bill that was three times longer,” said Rep. Jackson, “and the extra content added included nothing that corresponded with the previously passed bill.”

“The Senate passed a version of the bill that included an amendment that is slightly altered and chose not to agree with a sent version of the bill. Instead of working out the differences of the bill, after holding a secret meeting, Senate returned to the chamber with a newer version of the bill that has not even been discussed before.”

“They violated the law and violated the people’s trust and this bill will be a tragedy for our students. The way this bill was passed was deceitful and unlawful in violation of the state open meetings law.”

Representative Thomas Jackson was elected as chairman of the House Democratic Caucus since 2010. He has served in the Alabama House of Representatives since 1995.