Click Picks: Home Inventory App

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Severe weather can strike fast, wiping out homes and possessions before you can protect them. When that happens, many people are left scrambling to come up with a list of belongings to submit for an insurance claim.


Home Inventory, an app for Mac computer users, can make that process a lot easier. It's Michelle Stark's morning Click Pick from Friday, March 1st.

Home Inventory makes it easy to keep a database of items in your home - from furniture to clothes to electronics to heirlooms. You can upload photos and include pricing and value information right alongside them. You can also keep up with your home's upkeep through a maintenance scheduled.

If you want proof of the value of your belongings in a digital form, you can scan receipts and input warranty information as well - all in one place. The app costs $14.99 in the Mac app store.

If you want to go the time-consuming but cheaper route and still make filing an insurance claim easier in the event of an emergency, you might consider taking digital photos of everything in your house, storing them on a flash drive and storing that flash drive in a safe location.