Small Businesses Brace For Sequestration Impact

MADISON, Ala. (WHNT) - With 48 hours until sequestration cuts hit, small businesses like Nesin Therapy Services in Madison, are preparing for the worst.

Michelle Nesin, co-owner of the physical therapy office, says they stand to feel the sequestration strain in two big ways.

First, they employ several spouses of federal employees.

"We're getting that feeling of uncertainty, and it's coming into the business setting because they don't know if come Friday their spouse will be cut back by that 20%," said Nesin.

Then, with less pay and furloughs, Nesin believes patients will put off the physical therapy they need.

"Physical therapy is really ancillary medicine, so there is a lot that can be put off if you're having economic or financial changes in your life," said Nesin.

With fewer patients, comes less money. Nesin says in the worst case scenario they would have to consider making cuts of their own.

"That's a hard decision, and certainly not one we are looking at now."

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