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Deal or Dud: Not Crazy About the WaxVac

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - We've received dozens of emails asking us to test WaxVac.  It’s a product that claims to be the latest on how to clean your ears.

It works with suction that claims to take debris, moisture, and in some cases wax out of your ear.

We got a doctor’s opinion on the product.  Dr. Pippa Abston is a Huntsville pediatrician, and she said one of the first things she noticed was the noise.  She had a decibel app on her phone which measures noise levels.

The WaxVac measured in the mid-90s. That, according to Dr. Abston, was very loud.  She thought it was too loud to use with a child.

Also, the suction did work. But Dr. Abston says that the wax in your ear is protective, and will handle the moisture that gets in your ear.

To be fair, the WaxVac packaging does say that it has a protective device that prevents the WaxVac from going into your ear very far.

Still, we make the WaxVac a Dud.  If you use the WaxVac and have a good experience, send us your story and we will share your experience.


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