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Wrangler Plant Up and Running After Storm

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HACKLEBURG, Ala. (WHNT) - It's been nearly two years since an EF 5 tornado ripped through Hackleburg and leveled the Wrangler plant.

Senator Jeff Sessions toured the facility and says he's pleased with the progress.

“It was so great to see this plant come back, it was so devastated after the storm,” said Senator Sessions.

After the tornado, the facility was barely recognizable.  As winds tore down the walls of the factory, the storm also deflated the spirits of community members.

“I really felt and a lot of us felt it was important for that this plant come back here, psychologically as well as economically,” said Senator Sessions.

Finally, after months of construction the Wrangler distribution plant is back up and running.

Right now a skeleton crew is running a light load but when at full operation, more than 200 people will work at the plant.

Senator Sessions says re-building was the only option to keep this small town viable. “I`m not sure what the town would have felt without the return of this plant , it could be viewed, I maybe don`t need to stay here anymore, I don`t see the future here anymore.”

According to the senator, the plant serves as the core of confidence that this town and its economy will make a full recovery in the years to come.