Kids to Love: Thomas

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Thomas is 14, his birthday is Valentine’s day.  Thomas doesn’t smile much…he’s been through a lot.  I want to meet him in our Kids to Love report.

Thomas is in the 7th grade and doesn’t know what the word ‘stability’ means.

“I was taken away when I was like in 1st grade, then I uh like 2 years later, I went back with my mom..after 2 years of living with them again, I got taken away.. I’ve been there since 2009.” Thomas shared.

“How many foster homes?” Lee asked

Thomas starts to count… “1,2” With every move, a memory…of another move…“4” That didn’t work out…” 5…6 OR 7”

“I hate to keep moving and moving… one home, get ust to it and everything..” Thomas says

“When you move do you change schools?” Lee asks

“Yes I do” he answers

“Is that hard?”

Thomas nods ans answers “Cause I made friends, gotta make new friends.”

He likes history and science, but it’s hard keeping up in school… when you’re constantly moving.

“How does it make you feel?” Lee asks

“Sad” Thomas answers

“What would make you happy?” Lee asks

“Being in one home for a long time, forever, a forever home.” he answers

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Thomas has a younger brother Shane, but assumes the role of the big brother…you’ll meet Shane next week and you’ll see why Thomas wants to be placed together.