Families Displaced By Flames Seek Refuge In Hotels

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SHEFFIELD, Ala. (WHNT) - The charred Sheffield apartment building that caught fire Saturday morning is a complete loss.

Nearly a dozen people are homeless.

Many of those families are staying in hotel rooms.

Several people will move again to a different hotel until they can find a permanent place to stay.

The four Hammond children turned the Emerald Inn Hotel parking lot into their playground.

The family of six, along with six other people scrambled to get out of the burning apartment.

“I`m just glad we all didn`t get hurt,” said 10-year-old, William Hammond.  “I`m glad the next door neighbors came knocking on the door.”

For now, the hotel will be the family's haven, but the search for a home, continues.

“Wondering where we`re going to go, and If I can keep them in the same school district and just trying to start all over,” said John Hammond, who lost everything in the fire.  “I mean baby pictures, my pictures, everything we`ve accumulated over the years, is gone.”

It's with appreciation and a positive perspective that keeps this family of six strong.

“Now it`s gone, up in flames, but maybe it`s a fresh start, maybe it`s a sign from God,” said John Hammond.  “We don`t know but that`s the way we`re trying to look at it now, the positive instead of the negative.”

So for now, the members of this family will all sleep in one hotel room until they all get a room of their own, again.

The Red Cross has been helping the displaced families find a place to stay.