Jackson County’s New EMA Director Promotes Alert System

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SCOTTSBORO, Ala. (WHNT) — The Jackson County Commission appointed a new Emergency Management Agency director this week, and he’s not waiting for storms.

Mike Ashburn spent three years as the assistant director of Jackson County EMA, and takes over after former director Victor Manning’s election as probate judge.

Ashburn said his two big projects right away are the acquisition and installation of about 25 community storm shelters, and promoting a cell phone alert system.

“We’re trying to get everybody within the county to sign up for Code Red, which is an emergency warning system if any storms are in the area,” Ashburn said.

“They can be more readily available to seek shelter when need be.”

Jackson County residents can sign up for the code red phone alert system at this link.

The county is also accepting applications for a new EMA assistant director.