Click Picks: Avocado “App For Two!”

Posted on: 4:30 am, February 14, 2013, by , updated on: 08:00am, February 14, 2013

In honor of Valentine’s Day, an app for two is Michelle Stark‘s morning Click Pick from Thursday, February 14th!

Avocado – a social networking app designed for lovebirds – offers a number of ways for couples to connect without annoying people en masse on outlets like Facebook with lovey-dovey wall messages.

Here are a couple of the tools for two available on Avocado:

— Messaging (You can type your own or choose pre-made notes like “Miss you!”)

— Photo sharing

— Event management through a shared calendar

— Hugs and kisses (The app will vibrate when you put it to your chest or when you tap a photo of your sweetie.)

Avocado is available as a free app download for iOS and Android. A premium version, Avocado Unlimited, is available for $19.99 a year for each couple.