Money-Saving Monday: Save on Diapers for Clean Babies and Full Wallets

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - It's something most families that include children have gone through -- or will go through -- at the expense of the family budget:  diapers.

For our Money-Saving Monday report, WHNT NEWS 19 did some homework for you to find out how you can keep baby bottoms clean while keeping your wallet full.

Many parents who answered online polls said they spend about $50 to $70 a month on diapers and wipes.

We found a lot of money-savers who decided to clean up their budget and found some secrets to saving money.  And they posted their best secrets online to the social networking site Pinterest.

WHNT NEWS 19 took their suggestions to a local retailer who's all about diapering and saving money: the owner of A Nurturing Moment on South Parkway in Huntsville.

"We're all about helping moms save money," said Glenni Lorick.

Lorick said she loves to help new parents save money and believes, when it comes to diapers, the way to save is with cloth.

"There are studies showing that a mother who cloth diapers from the beginning can save up to $3,000 on her diapering costs," said Lorick.

Regardless if you use cloth or disposable diapers, it's a hot topic online on

One pin led to us to all kinds of sites and advice on how to make it a tidy process for your wallet.

That includes "Amazon Mom".  One person found subscribing to it sets you up for great deals that can be combined with other coupons from magazines.  She got 204 diapers for $18.50.

With diapers, comes wipes and Lorick said reusable cloth wipes are the money-saving way to go.

"That saves you having to buy wipes again and again and buy the refills." said Lorick.

The pin we found lead us to comments recommending the website for purchasing tubs of wipes and saving through buying bulk.

And here's one more tip:  don't throw out the wipes tub after it's empty.

Pinners came up with a host of ideas with how you can use it to store children's art supplies or many other household things.

Pinners also mentioned various reward programs out there as well as cash-back websites.  By using them, you can stock up on diapers and get some of your money back.

WHNT NEWS 19 knows there are lots of savers in the Tennessee Valley and we'd like to hear your secrets to saving money!

Please post your thoughts to the WHNT NEWS 19 Facebook page and we may pull a few of them to highlight in future Money-saving Monday reports.

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