Getting Results On Huntsville Road Problems

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - On Four Mile Post Road in Huntsville there was a problem. East bound drivers coming off Whitesburg Drive came dangerously close to the crumbling edge of the road.  The pieces breaking off actually had white paint on them that was supposed to mark the road's edge.  Complicating the problem, a drop off of several inches from the road's surface to the ground below, and trees that could wreck a vehicle right next to the road.

"It's been breaking off for several years and I've complained about it," says Mildred Stephenson. The bad section of road right in front of her house. She told us there have been wrecks there. We took action on the problem, and the city is in the process of fixing it. The only hold up to a complete repair, a shortage of the asphalt mixture used in the repair.  "I'm happy it's fixed," says Mildred Stephenson.

Just a couple of miles away from Four Mile Post Road there was another problem. "I'm afraid if something isn't done, there's going to be a very serious accident there," says Judy Shows. Judy was talking about the intersection of Mt. Gap Road and Memorial Parkway. On the east side of the parkway is Mt. Gap, while on the west side it's a driveway serving two businesses. The problem that worried Judy Shows, the fact that drivers on both sides of the four lane were unsure what drivers on the other side were going to do. When the light was green drivers would hesitate, trying to see if the other guy was going to turn left or go straight. Sometimes mistakes were made, and wrecks happened.

We took action and talked to the Alabama DOT, and now drivers on both Mt. Gap and the driveway have green arrows on their traffic lights to direct them when to turn. The guess-work is gone. There's no more hesitation at the intersection, or in Judy Shows' mind on what to do with any traffic problem. "I'd send you an email. Cause I got a quick response from you on my email, plus I got a quick response to getting the problem fixed at Mt. Gap Road," says Judy.

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