Former Patient Reacts To Medical Files Found In Dumpster

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WHNT News 19 is still following the story of dumped medical files in the Shoals.

Instead of properly storing hundreds of records, full of patient's personal information, those confidential files ended up in a Florence dumpster.

Now one of the doctor's former patients is worried about his identity and where his files may have ended up.

"It's a shock that they would just toss something like that that's very important to you," said Dennis Ashley from Virginia.

Ashley used the family physician at the center of this controversy for years in Virginia.  The doctor moved from that area several years ago to the Shoals.

"I know it's a shock to the community that they would be found that far away," said Ashley.

However Ashley didn't have any complaints about the physician's practice.

“Just a real nice person and a good doctor, a real good doctor," said the former patient.

But still that doesn’t put Ashley’s concerns at ease.

"It really wasn't surprising, we heard other things before," said Ashley.

Ashley has been the victim of identity theft before and knows first hand the dangers of getting this confidential information into the wrong hands.

"You worry about, sure do, you just never know," said Ashley.

Ashley may never know where his detailed medical history may end up.  Hundreds of files stayed in those Florence dumpsters without any tracking of whether the records actually ended up in the landfill.

WHNT News 19 is not releasing the doctor's name.  However, we can confirm the patient's files are not from the Tennessee Valley.