First Responders Helping Hammondville Police Chief

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HAZEL GREEN, Ala. (WHNT) -- A group of Madison County first responders is coming to the rescue of the Hammondville Police Chief.

A fire Thursday morning destroyed Thomas Fuller's house in DeKalb County.

It's the second time Fuller lost a home to fire in three years, and in between those disasters, a tornado blew his house away April 27, 2011.

Former police officer Kathy Hooper said she saw WHNT News 19's story about Fuller and his loss, and knew she could take action to get the family clothing and other necessities.

"We've got furniture, we've got microwaves, we've got bedding, we've got beds, we've got everything we could possibly need, and we have got a 12 foot enclosed trailer so all we have to do is load it up, hook it up, and go," Hooper said.

She, her husband, and some other first responders started Thin Line about two years ago.

The group stockpiles clothing and other items to have on hand in case a disaster or emergency strikes a police officer, firefighter, or paramedic.

"There's so many times that the ones that have walked the thin line in one of those three fields have something happen to them--they're always willing to go out and help the community but then whenever it comes time for them there's nobody there," Hooper said.

She got a couple of messages about the fire at Fuller's house, and posted an all-call on Facebook for the 200 members of Thin Line so they could collect items to donate.

WHNT News 19 put Hooper in contact with Fuller, and they are preparing a delivery soon.

If you want to help, visit the Thin Line Facebook page and send Hooper a message.