Proposed Policy for HCS Employees Regarding Arrests

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) -- There's a new policy on the table for the Huntsville City School Board tonight.

A proposed policy has been reviewed and tweaked by the board's policy committee and will be looked over at tonight's meeting. The proposed policy would require all school employees to notify the system if they are arrested for a felony of a major misdemeanor. Board President Laurie McCaulley says the policy comes after a serious of unfortunate incidents.

"We have situations during my time in which there have bean really delicate situations," said McCaulley. "People were not hurt thankfully, but it was a dangerous situation where the Board should have been aware of these things that were happening in the school system."

McCaulley says now is the time to put the rule in effect. She says it will not only keep the school system's students safe, but also those who work there and those who visit the schools.

Huntsville City Schools employs over 3,000 people and McCaulley says it's difficult to keep track of everyone.

"We don't have a policy in place that requires them (employees) to tell us anything," said McCaulley. "There's been at least one occasion, one too many, where we look on the news and there's someone on there and we hear that they work for Huntsville City Schools."

McCaulley says the move would benefit the school system and would help keep parents minds at ease.

"The number one goal is to continue to make sure our schools are a safe haven for all who enter."

WHNT News 19 is told that the Board will review the policy at tonight's meeting, re-read it at the next meeting, and either vote yes or no on the proposal.