Town Now Accepting Alcohol Applications

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ROGERSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - Three months ago residents of Rogersville voted to allow alcohol sales with-in the city limits.

It took weeks to compile, but now the town of Rogersville has set forth the rules business owners must follow in a 40-page ordinance.

From the cost of selling alcohol, to when and where, Mayor Richard Herston believes the town is off on the right foot.

“We may have been overly cautious, I don’t know, but we wanted to be sure that we protected our town,” explained Herston. “We have a quality of life here we want to preserve.”

Mayor Herston says the town is not trying to keep alcohol from coming in, but he does want to make sure it is regulated.

Rogersville officials say three businesses have filed their alcohol sales applications, seven more have picked them up from town hall.

“We have lots of inquiries; a lot of them are deciding that this is rather expensive to do this. So, a lot of them are having to decide am I, is it going to worth this investment,” Herston said.

According to the ordinance, if a business wants to apply for a license to sale alcohol, it will cost them over five hundred dollars, and that’s no guarantee they will get a permit.

Rogersville officials say the town alcohol board must approve applications before it goes to the town council for approval.

And then the Alabama Beverage Control agency gives the final seal of approval before anyone can sale alcohol legally.