Organizers Announce Panoply 2013 Plans

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - Panoply organizers are hoping they get good weather this year to celebrate the arts. The Arts Council announced the line up for Panoply 2013.

The Arts Council is close to kicking off another arts festival in Huntsville. The organization has its theme.

"We like to say it is 31 flavors because it is our 31st Panoply, said Arts Council Executive Director Allison Dillon-Jauken.

Dillon-Jauken and her team plan to bring fresh and exciting acts to Big Spring Park.

"So truly, you will be able to find 31 things or more that you will love this year at Panoply," added Dillon-Jauken.

Five performing stages are planned for local and regional musicians. Featured performers, including the Army Materiel Command Band from Redstone Arsenal, are scheduled. Competitions are set to encourage those who dabble in the arts for fun.

"It really exhibits all you can find at Panoply. You can find dance, music and homegrown performers that make their debut at Panoply," added Dillon-Jauken.

Eric Ramey and his bandmates make up the group, 911 Reporters. The band won one of the prizes in last year's homegrown talent competition.

"It kind of put us in front of a difference demographic of people, so a lot of people go to hear us who probably never would have if we hadn`t played homegrown talent," added Dillon-Jauken.

Panoply 2013 will also feature a brewing and wine-making section and exhibit of guitars once owned by Les Paul.

Panoply organizers plan to sell tickets online this year.