iPads For Every Arab School Teacher

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ARAB, Ala. (WHNT) -- Sixty-five Arab school teachers have iPads, and the Arab Board of Education recently approved the purchase of 120 more so every teacher will have one.

Teachers Anne-Marie Graves and Kasi Schultze said the interactive nature of using iPads make time in the classroom more fun and helps students find new ways to learn.

"I believe that the iPad will help my students to discover better ways to learn," Graves said.

"I want to put them in charge more so of how they learn and so that I hopefully will be a facilitator in the classroom providing them with lots of resources."

Superintendent John Mullins said students will need to know how to use the technologies in the future so it is important to learn them now, and putting an iPad in every classroom allows the schools to have some uniform development among teachers and kids.

Mullins said he and the school board members are in the process of consulting other school systems including Hoover and Florence about the advantages and challenges of having iPads assigned to students.

One proposal would provide an iPad to every student in grades six through 12, put six iPads in each kindergarten through third grade classroom, and about a dozen in the fourth and fifth grade classrooms.