Storm Damages Homes, Barns and Airplanes

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ADDISON, Ala. (WHNT) - Strong winds struck the Winston County town of Addison this morning, destroying the town's municipal airport and damaging four airplanes. The same storm is believed to have damaged several houses and barns several miles away in Cullman County.

"I'd been listening to the weather, they had reported a tornado over around Nauvoo headed towards Double Springs," Susan Shadix tells WHNT News 19. She says moments later, the power went out and the wind picked up.  

"I ran and got in the bathtub in the back of my house and heard the metal snapping and popping and thought it was the roof on my house," Shadix says. It turned out to be the barn directly across the street from her. Much of its roof was lifted away and strewn across her house and yard.

Her neighbor, Denise Murray, stepped out to try to get a look at the storm. "I walked out on my porch and you could hear wind just roaring. It didn't sound like a train, you could just tell it was a lot of wind," Murray said.

On Cullman County Road 1043, a double-wide mobile home lost its roof. The residents were home when it hit, but no one was injured. Just a couple of miles away, in neighboring Winston County, a hangar at the small municipal airport in Addison was destroyed. Four airplanes in the hangar were severely damaged, one was left on its top, another thrown into a nearby field.

"It's sickening," says Gordon Grooms. He has spent years building the little airport up for hobby pilots. In fact, it took 20 years to restore one of the planes, and only seconds to destroy it.

"And then you come in and everything you worked so hard for is gone," Grooms told WHNT News 19. He says he'll just start over again, rebuilding the planes and eventually the hangar, too.