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Pocket Hose “Debatable.”

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The Pocket Hose is basically the same product as the Xhose.  

Both are expandable water hose that are much lighter and easier to maneuver and move than normal garden hose. The tradeoff however is that it’s light and not as durable.

When we tested the Xhose, the plastic connector that screwed on the outside faucet, cracked.   

It cracked to easy.   That pretty much put an end to that Deal or Dud shoot and we made the Xhose a “Dud.”

Armed with the experience, we were careful when we screwed the connector on the outside faucet. It didn’t crack.   The Pocket Hose cost $19.99 and expands to a length of 50 feet. 

It worked fine.   But it leaked on the valve on the other end of the hose from the faucet.   I’m an a “neat waterer” so that didn’t bother me.  But it still didn’t work as advertised.






Pocket Hose 2


Maybe I’m being charitable. But I’m making the Pocket Hose “Debatable.”   The bad points are pretty easy. It had the leak on the shut-off valve.   The connectors are plastic and not metal.  Also, an Alabama summer I think will be hard on the Pocket Hose.








The good points are it’s easy to move, it’s lightweight, and almost anyone can use it. A senior citizen or someone with mobility issues would find the Pocket Hose easier to use than a normal hose.