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One Horse Found Dead, Others Starving, In Limestone County

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LIMESTONE COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) - Limestone County Sheriff's Deputies were faced with a sad sight, when they responded to a call of a dead horse in a Ham Road pasture. At the scene, they came across two other horses, emaciated and starving.

"The mare, the mother of the colt, I'd say she's to the point a good cold spell without food and she'd be dead in a couple of days," said Blakely.

The landlord, Emma Hardman, rents the land to a man who owns the horses. She says attempts to get in touch with the owner have gone unanswered.

Hardman says when the horses were first brought to the pasture they were in good health, but with the winter has come neglect. Sheriff's deputies brought a bale of hay to the pasture Tuesday night, the first the horses had seen in months.

"They even take their little noses and push the pine needles back and try to get the little scraps of grass that grow under there. They were starving to death," said Hardman.

They have now been taken to the Sheriff's Rodeo Arena where they will be kept warm and fed until someone can take care of them.

It isn't the first horse to die in the Ham Road pasture. Blakely says another horse was found dead just last year.

Investigators believe the owner to live in Huntsville. Blakely says when he is found he will be charged with cruelty to animals.