More Powerful iPad Coming Soon

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Unexpected news from Apple this week. The company has announced it will be offering a new iPad with 128-gigabyte memory starting the first week of February.

The new model iPad will have twice the storage space of the current fourth-generation iPad with Retina display and will also come with a bigger price tag.

The 128 GB WiFi only model will cost $799 and a device with cell service + WiFi will set you back $929.

The abrupt release marks a shift in how Apple updates the iPad. Historically the company has rolled out a new version once a year or so – as it does with iPhones and iPods. It appears Apple is now treating the iPad more like its Mac line, releasing incremental updates to existing models.

Apple has not explicitly announced a strategy shift, so it’s still an open question whether or not we’ll see a more significant iPad update this year.

Apple announced the fourth-generation iPad with Retina display on Oct. 23, 2012.