City of Athens Facebook Page Restored

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ATHENS, Ala. (WHNT) -- The City of Athens, Alabama Facebook page has almost 2,000 "likes".

It serves as an easy way for citizens to stay up-to-date on power outages, road closures, and receive severe weather updates. But when severe weather hit early Wednesday morning, Athens residents found that the page was inaccessible

"The page was working fine until about 2:30 p.m. on Tuesday," said Holly Hollman, a spokeswoman for the City of Athens.

Hollman says she got an email from Facebook listing reasons why the page she oversees would have just vanished into thin air.

"They told me the reasons could be that we've been hacked," said Hollman. "Well I've not seen anything on our page that I haven't put there. They said another reason could be that I'm not an authorized representative of the city, but I am.".

Hollman says the page may have disappeared because the name was too generic. However, the City of Athens has maintained that name since October 2011 and Hollman says they have never heard from Facebook before now.

"I told them in our last appeal, if the issue was with our name," said Hollman, "please let me know and I will change it and get our Facebook page back."

That's exactly what needed to happen. Hollman heard from Facebook representatives late Wednesday afternoon and according to the networking site, they have just added a new rule that states a single person cannot operate a page that also serves as a geographic location.

Hollman made the change to the Facebook page and everything was put back where it belonged. You can now access the page listed on Facebook as "The City of Athens, Alabama (Public Relations). If you have already liked the page, you don't have to like it again. The old page and all of its original friends have been restored to normal under the new name.